Activity Ideas & Tips

Activity Ideas & Tips

Following are some activity ideas and talk tips for parents with their young children.

Hello & Goodbye

Fun activity that teaches your child that even when you leave you will return, when seeing new people or going into a room always encourage your child to wave hello and when you leave or say good bye encourage them to wave goodbye. Best to start around 7 months once you’re infant has developed the ability to understand that people and things exist, even when you cannot see them.


Providing parachute games for our toddlers is a wonderful way to blend music and group interaction. Children can have fun learning how it moves up, down, and around; they can also have the opportunity to go under and on top.

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Creative Activities

Allow your child to do activities such as coloring, writing, drawing, finger painting, eating finger foods, and play dough

Wavy Tactile Path

Wavy Tactile Path is an 8-piece set of boards designed to enhance the sense of touch, which is a fundamental element of sensory reactions and is essential to learning ability and emotional health.

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Talk about "Everything"

Talk to your child about “everything” in an age appropriate manner.

Ball Play Type Activities

Consider using a variety of balls from our ball selection to incorporate with the many activity ideas provided. Listed activities are ideal for children 0-3yrs of age.

Activity details & tips

Good Manners

Model good manners such as “thank-you” and “please”

Use Rhymes and Songs

Use nursery rhymes and songs in your daily routine.

Smile and Cuddle

Smile and cuddle your child as often as you can

Add an extra word

Tell your child about objects they’ve shown interest in and remember to keep it simple. If your child says “ball” answer with 2 words “big ball”; if they say 2 words “big ball” answer with 3 words “big red ball”

Play with Rattles and One Toy at A Time

Offer opportunities for your infant to play with rattles and one toy at a time to begin to learn grasping skills.

Splish Splash, I was Takin a Bath

Children enjoy spending time in the tub or shower, the water provides warmth and familiarity and is a soothing experience. Use this time to bond with your baby.

Play with Others

Give your child lots of opportunities to play with other children.

Household Tasks

Cook with your child and encourage daily help with chores and cleaning.

Hide and Seek

Play hide and go seek or a hide a toy so your child can find it

Take turns speaking

Take turns speaking and remember not to reply until your child is fully done talking – don’t rush things

Consistent Routines

Have consistent routines to help your child feel secure

Grasping Skills

Offer opportunities for your infant to play with rattles and one toy at a time to begin to learn grasping skills

Tummy Time

Offer your infant lots of tummy time.


Praise your child at each attempt, celebrate the small success.

Help in the Kitchen

Let your child help you in the kitchen and do things like stirring, adding ingredients, and breaking eggs

Hot Potato

Hot potato is a party game that involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object such as a beanbag or tennis ball to each other while music plays. Swap out for any sized ball! The player who is holding the "hot potato" is out when the music stops. Play continues until only one player is left.

Rubber chicken & pig

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6 vibrant and weighted Tobbles used to stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt, wiggle and roll.

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Sit and Play

Allow your infant to sit and play for periods of time to help strengthen their stomach and back muscles

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Fling sock

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A rocking toy that will engage your child's curiosity, imagination and physical abilities.

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Puzzles, matching objects, etc.

Play with puzzles, matching objects and play dough.

Expressing Emotions

Model positive ways to express emotion

Daily / Bedtime Story Time

Make story time a part of your daily/bedtime routine and ask many questions about the pictures

Expressing needs

Encourage your child to speak his/her needs


Tunnels challenge children to move in various ways including the coordination of different muscle groups, turn taking, and evokes problem-solving skills.

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Play at the park

Get outside and play at the park.

Omnikin Ball Soccer

Instead of using a standard soccer ball, swap out for any sized omnikin ball - these balls are lighter and larger to make the game more fun and challenging.

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This game teaches your child that separation is temporary; this is a fun interactive game that usually has both parent/caregiver and child laughing/smiling. Best to start around 6 months of age.

Teeter Poppers

A teeter board that can be used to rock, roll, sit in or stand... kids can use in whatever way they can imagine.

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Giant Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course and encourage children to complete, play some music and for older children make it a race.

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Day at the Beach

Spend the day at the beach

Teach coping techniques

Teach your child simple coping techniques (take a deep breath or count to 10) when they become frustrated

Swimming and Dancing

Take your child swimming and dancing.