Top 10

  1. Cats
    You learn a lot about stretching from cats. They slowly stretch their entire body which is important for animals and humans because it helps to keep muscles flexible
  2. Monkeys
    Climbing and swinging is a monkey’s favourite thing to do; try out monkey bars at your neighbourhood playground
  3. Bears
    Known for their slow and steady muscular endurance and powerful legs; try walking on all fours with a slow controlled movement, ROAR!
  4. Otters
    If you and your kids enjoy swimming and playing in water you can enjoy activities like diving, swimming on your back and rolling over
  5. Dolphins
    Swim through hoops, over and under objects
  6. Frog
    Try leaping up and over rocks and small shrubs just like a frog, RIBBET!
  7. Rabbit
    Bunny hop
  8. Snake
    Slither on your tummy through the grass, be extra quiet!
  9. Bird
    Flap your arms and run while reaching for the sky
  10. Gorilla
    Walk/run like a gorilla, try stopping and turning quickly