Giant Obstacle Course Activity Ideas

Set up an obstacle course and encourage children to complete, play some music and for older children make it a race.

Combine the foam gym set, tunnel, scooter boards, sensroy disks and teeter poppers for a fun and challenging obstacle course that encourages balancing, climbing, crawling, problem solving, turn taking, partnering up, you name it!!

Toys for this Activity

The following toys for this activity are available at our Toy Lending Library. Visit for more information.

Foam Gym set

6 piece set including a tunnel, steps, slide and mats. All pieces connect together.


Excellent fun for developing cooperative play and movement.

Scooter Boards

Plastic scooter board with wheels and handles can be used in obstable courses and games to improve posture and coordination and balance skills.

Sensory Disks

10" and 4" discs. Match the large disc on the ground to the small one the child is holding in their hands. Can play memory games using a blindfold.

Teeter Poppers

Just like bubble wrap, stand, sit, rock, tilt and balance, while suction cups go poppity-pop.

River Stones

Builds children's confidence when jumping, judging distances, coordinating and balancing. Each stone has different slopes on each side.