Fling sock Activity Ideas


  1. Standing six to eight feet away toss a FlingSock on the floor. Each player tosses his/her FlingSock to see how close it lands to the first without touching. The closest player gets two points and throws first. Anyone that touches your FlingSock loses a point so watch your tails and remember the one that is the closest gets to throw first.
  2. All players are in a circle. Have players start passing the FlingSock around the circle until the music stops. The player holding the FlingSock is out and you continue again until one person is left the winner. For different variations have them pass under one leg, toss up in the air then pass, or spin around before passing.
  3. Target practice – place a bin a short distance away and encourage children to toss their FlingSock into the bin, each round move the bin farther away!

Toys for this Activity

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Fling Sock

Fling sock is a bean bag with a tail. It requires very little strength and movement to throw. Various games can be played.