Bilibo Activity Ideas

A rocking toy that will engage your child's curiosity, imagination and physical abilities.

Kids think it's a turtle shell, a rock, a stepping stone, a rocking bowl and so much more, and parents think it's an awesome way to develop their kids' strengths. Crawl under, climb on top, walk across, rock inside or spin endlessly inside this magical plastic shell. Use at home, at the park, at the beach, in the water, and even in the snow, Bilibo provides hours of stimulating play. 

Great for individual play or group activities
Ideal for kids with sensory processing disorder and autism
Helps with motor planning and balance training
A good source of vestibular input
Ages 2-7

Toys for this Activity

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Is it a rocking chair, a turtle shell, a step, or slide, let your child decide. Encourages creative play.