Early Child Development

What is Early Child Development

Early child development refers to the many skills, abilities, and developmental milestones that children reach – or are expected to reach – by certain ages in their first five years of life.

Development Areas

When it comes to children and how they develop over a period of time, skills are mastered in 6 different developmental areas. These include:



These skills are the development of a child’s language skills including what is said and what is understood, these skills consist of listening, verbal and non-verbal attempts to respond, eye contact, humor and expression of personality.


Problem Solving

This area describes how children play with toys and their ability to find a solution to increasingly more difficult problems; this is a step towards understanding how to tackle problems and thus to help a child develop their coping skills.


Fine Motor

This is the development of a child’s hand & finger movement as well as coordination; these skills are essential for school success and very important as so many daily tasks require the control of the hands and fingers

Printing, scissor cutting, chewing, turning knobs, zippers, eating finger food, squeezing objects etc.


Gross Motor

These skills include the development of the large muscle movements and coordination such as your arms, core and legs; development of these skills are crucial because it builds strong muscle tone and helps a person have proper balance.

Sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, climbing etc.

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